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The Berkshire Eagle
Trashes Bill O'Reilly!

Professional Jealousy or Sanctimonious Drivel?
A Response to The Eagle
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The story The Berkshire Eagle WON'T publish!!!
How Alan Chartock conspired with WAMC
to avoid paying IRS.
Failure to report CEO's taxable 'perks'
could leave trustees liable.
Read all about it

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Cancer 'clusters' in Pittsfield?
Do you know someone in Berkshire County with Cancer or other medical condition that could have resulted from exposure to PCB's or other toxic chemicals in the local environment?
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We wanna hear your 2 cents!
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Cover-up at WAMC-FM:
Chartock sex harassment costs listeners $20,000!
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Evan Dobelle
Evan Dobelle - ex-protocol chief, Carter White House; ex-Mayor, City of Pittsfield.Evan Dobelle - ex-protocol chief, Carter White House; ex-Mayor, City of Pittsfield
"Even among the president's supporters there were doubts about his leadership and
credibility." - excerpt from educator Robert Atwell's evaluation report on Evan Dobelle's
third-year as University of Hawaii president (as quoted in The Honolulu Advertiser).
How Pittsfield's 'favorite son' 
managed to get himself kicked-out 
of paradise.
A free-spending, big-time Pol returns to his roots.
Will life back in the Bay State be balmier than Hawaii?

Click Here: The Berkshire Eagle: 'A visit with Mayor Dobelle'

Now, here's the stuff The Eagle (as usual) failed to report.
Three articles from The Honolulu Star-Bulletin:
Click Here: 'Dangerous Equations'
Click Here: 'The Dobelle Debacle'
Click Here: 'The Dobelle Papers'
 One article from The Honolulu Advertiser:
Click Here: 'Regents' minutes reveal concerns about Dobelle'

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Now THAT was a President!


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